Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I am doing 2 one-night art talks at the Midland Park Continuing Ed. School – you can sign up now at!!!

Art Fusion: The History of Food in Art, Monday March 16 7-8:30 $30
Foodies and Art lovers alike will delight in this informative and fun art talk on the portrayal of food in paintings throughout time!  From Ancient Rome to present day our enjoyment of delicious dishes has been celebrated through art.  This one night only class will cover images from several eras peppered with some amusing and interesting food and art facts.  There will be engaging discussions and a recipe handout to go with each artwork shown.  Please join us for this one-time event and we promise it will leave you with your mouth watering for more!

Appreciating and Learning to Speak About Art, Monday March 23 7-8:30 $30
Did you ever want to attend gallery openings and converse about the artwork with as much confidence as the artists?  Then join artist and art lecturer, Tracy DiTolla, for an evening of learning to speak about art with some art history thrown in for good measure.  This class will cover the basics of analyzing paintings and will go over several different styles of art.  By the end of the night you will be analyzing Picasso’s like a pro!

I will have some coming up in Emerson in April too!!!

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